For Love.
I'm honored that you would even consider my work for a wall in your beautiful home.  Here is a first pass at an edit of the image you like.  A starting point.  Can be edited some more, or less or cropped.  And please love, this is the first of many opportunities for us to be partners.  Yes I took the photo, but it would be magic if our eyes came together with this one and the image was refined to become something of it's own, only meant for that spot in your home.  If it doesn't work, it's OK ... and if that's the case, I'm again offering to go on an adventure with you and create what is meant for that spot together.

This is the original I shared with you.

Here is an edited version with a strong "denim" color.

It may not be so apparent on your phone or a laptop, but this same as above but blue not as saturated.

less overall orange

less overall orange + more clarity

black and white

split tone (blue shadows)

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